Zodiac® has been building boats for over 50 years, offering its customers a long term service, in terms of network, warranty and spare parts. By choosing Zodiac®, you will be covered by a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty on the fabric of your boat..

The stability of a Zodiac comes because of its large buoyancy tubes, giving it a low centre of gravity. Under normal conditions they are practically impossible to capsize. This quality is especially appreciated by drivers and fishermen.

The light weight is not the only jewel in a Zodiac crown. Have you ever tried shutting the car boot on a traditional boat? Or for that matter storing a traditional boat in a cupboard or the corner of a garage? The reason is that once deflated and folded the space taken up by a Zodiac is so much smaller that transporting it and storing it becomes extremely easy.

Zodiac Cadet

The Cadet’s buoyancy structure, with progressive capacity gives more stability and hence more safety. This unique concept, especially suitable for 4-stroke motors, has an amazing load capacity and superior space. It is very compact and easy to stow in a cockpit locker. 3 floor options The H2P inflatable floor (Airlite) brings together comfort and lightness. High performance, the plywood floor models (Solid) have inflatable keels which means you start planing rapidly and enjoy greater manoeuvrability. The slatted wooden floor (Roll Up) completes the layout of the tender on inflating the buoyancy tubes, and it can be stowed in its carrying bag without dismantling the slats.

The Cadet has a welded structure and offers complete standard equipment: built in Stronganâ„¢ Duotexâ„¢ fabric, rapid installation bench seat, reclining oar supports, anti-chafing strip, towing rings, equipped with a rail for attaching the equipment.

Zodiac Pro Open

The Pro Open is a boat that handles impressively on the water. Its deep-V hull, designed with chines on the hull and buoyancy tubes that do not touch the water, reduces water resistance and gives the boat optimum performance. The Pro Open is at ease in all situations: fishing, water sports or cruising. On board, everything has been arranged to get the most out of the ethe RIB including, an ergonomically comfortable pilot position and room for easy movement on board with maximum storage space. The Pro Open has fantastic space and storage areas and an imposing console that can house many navigation instruments. The console even tips over to allow entrance into a vast locker big enough to hold skis, fishing rods and diving equipment.

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