Choosing the right type of engine and propeller for your boat is very important. The engine’s weight and horsepower will have an impact on the performance of your boat. Matching the correct size and pitch for the propeller will enable your boat and engine to achieve the maximum performance for which it was designed.

We can provide a range of engines and gearboxes for boats from a range of the best marine manufacturers

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PRM Marine Transmissions

PRM marine transmissions have established a world-wide reputation for quality, reliability and in-service performance, making them the ideal choice for pleasure, workboat and fishing vessel applications. All PRM hydraulically operated gearboxes feature a twin countershaft design, which enables full rated power to be transmitted in ahead or astern, with either left or right hand propellers. PRM80 and 120 are mechanically actuated with adjustment-free cone clutches. When correctly matched to engine and propeller, every PRM unit will provide trouble-free operation for many years. All parts are designed for maximum reliability over an extended service life. In addition, running gear components are carefully specified and machined to the highest quality standards to ensure quiet and smooth operation.

ZF Transmissions

ZF Services are responsible for the supply and support of high quality and reliable marine propulsion systems for fast craft, pleasure craft and commercial vessels in the UK and Ireland. From individual components to complete propulsion systems they cater for any power range between 10–14,000 kW across all applications. Their wide product range includes marine transmissions, control systems, fixed and controllable pitch propellers, surface drives and pod drives.