Homes are centrally heated, so why not your boat? If you’ve boated in the West of Scotland during spring and autumn you’ll know how chilly and miserable it can be. Inside, boats are naturally damp. Damp linings, fabrics, damp clothing. It’s not only uncomfortable, but creates mould and will even affect the boat’s equipment. DDZ recommend fitting an Eberspächer or Wallas heater.

airtronic_D5_640_ebuk Eberspacher-Airtronic-D2-Heater-Range-


We can supply and fit AIRTRONIC and HYDRONIC air heaters and water heaters: These are the two heater technologies that Eberspächer offers and which cover a wide range of different areas of application. The controls make it child’s play to enjoy optimum cosy warmth right from the start.

Airtronic Air Heaters provide:

  • Fast, direct interior heating.
  • Fresh air or circulating air heater.
  • Pre-selectable room temperature.
  • Ideal for retrofitting.
  • Can be used as cabin ventilation without heating.

Hydronic Water Heaters benefits provide:

  • Central heating with supply and return pipes, as well as radiators, convectors or fan radiators.
  • Precise control by radiator thermostats.
  • Heat the domestic water in addition to the passenger compartment.
  • Pre-heating the engine.



DDZ Marine is a sales and servicing dealer for Wallas cabin heaters and cooktops. Wallas Marine Diesel and Paraffin Heaters, Cooktops and Ovens are made in Finland specifically for the Marine industry. Exceptionally quiet and with a great reputation for reliable operation, together with an excellent warranty and easy installation, they are a superb option for all types of boats.

All Wallas products use diesel or paraffin oil as fuel. Although the products produce high amounts of heat energy, due to low power consumption the products are ideal for 12 V off-grid applications. The quality of their products is ensured by reliable construction of even the smallest parts.

Find the best heater for your needs with the Wallas Heater Selector