Over 40 years of supplying the industry with market leading diesel marine generators has made Paguro a trusted name with yacht owners around the world. The Paguro range of AC diesel marine generators are quiet, compact and reliable, as well as being easy to install and service on board your boat. With a Paguro diesel marine generator on board you will be able to unlock the full potential of your boat.


Set up in 2005 and with a reputation for excellent customer service all generators are made of high quality components, ensuring they are reliable and durable, whilst being simple to operate and maintain. These generators are excellent for running TV, laptops and other common domestic equipment.

The enhanced triple skin soundproof capsule with advanced anti-vibration feet ensures that noise and vibration are kept to a minimum, and the generators have a unique real time power monitor so that you can see ‘at a glance’ how much power you are using and how much is available. The split capsule can be easily removed, allowing access to all service points. Fitted with an oil change hand pump, servicing is a clean and simple job.