RIBs, or to give them their proper name, Rigid-hulled inflatable boats, are versatile, easy to look after and ideally suited to a number of tasks. They can be great fun but how do you choose between a RIB or a dinghy? Here are some questions that may give you the answer you are looking for:


What do I want to do in it?

Do you want to go fishing, pottering about with the family, or do you want the feel of a high powered performance craft?

How many people do you want to carry?

What type of floor do you want in the boat? You can get anything from an inflatable air deck, to a hard floor. The floor can determine how stable the boat is, how it planes, and how you can store it, if as well as having an effect on the price.

How fast do you want to go? Faster performance boats can have outboards 25 hp, all the way up to 500hp+.

Do you want to tow or stow? RIB’s up to 7m can be towed on a trailer and some dinghies can be transported on the roof of your car.

DDZ Marine stocks a wide range of RIBS and dinghies from top manufacturers – have a look at the links below and if you have any more questions give us a call.