Guardianage Services

DDZ marine Ltd can provide a fully comprehensive Guardianage service for your yacht. We have a full technical team and can provide you with assistance with absolutely any requirement you may have with regards to maintenance of your boat.

  • Weekly/Monthly Checks
  • Safety equipment monitoring
  • Project Management
  • Boat Cleaning
  • Winter Management Packages
  • Our Winter Lay Up and Spring Yacht Commissioning programmes ensure that your yacht is kept in safe ‘hibernation’ over the Winter months, and made ready in Spring for you to enjoy another season aboard. We carry out all aspects of maintenance & repairs required including
  • Correct preparation of your boat prior to coming ashore
  • Sail repair and laundry
  • Antifouling
  • Anode replacement
  • Engine lay-up and servicing
  • Cleaning
  • Hull compound and polishing
  • Winch servicing
  • Routine inspections throughout the winter months
  • Copper Coating

Copper Coating

Coppercoatâ„¢ is the combination of a specially developed solvent-free epoxy resin and high purity (99%) copper. Each litre of resin is impregnated with 2 kilos of ultra fine spherical copper powder, the maximum allowed by law, making Coppercoatâ„¢ the strongest copper based anti-fouling available. Indeed no other anti-fouling exposes as much active copper to unwanted marine life.

Classified as non-leaching, this highly effective coating is considerably kinder to the environment than its self eroding competitors whilst continuing to deter growth year after year. Indeed, correctly applied treatments resist weed and barnacle growth for a decade or more! The complete treatment has been tested and approved by the Health and Safety Executive, in compliance with UK and EU law. Holding HSE Certificate Number 7532 our anti-fouling is fully approved for use by both professional tradesmen and the general public. Furthermore, Coppercoatâ„¢ fully complies with current (2001) International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Resolution MEPC.102(48).

Today Coppercoat™ alone has a proven lifespan of 10 years plus, with an unequalled continual sales record dating back to 1991. No other copper based epoxy anti-fouling has the enviable pedigree of the original… Coppercoat™


Lewmar Servicing Agent

The Lewmar name is known and respected by boat builders and yacht owners the world over. Lewmar design, craftsmanship, reliability, innovation and commitment to supporting the marine industry have made our name synonymous with consistent quality and global market leadership. These are the values our company is built on. And that’s why Lewmar is the most recognised name in control-focused boating equipment. DDZ marine are an official Lewmar stockist and service agent.